RTT to MAP RESOLVER: 5.50593 secs

Router EID Map-Request for EID RTT (secs)1
65bit-xtr no-reply
AVM01-xtr no-reply
AVM02-xtr no-reply
AVM03-xtr no-reply
AVM04-xtr no-reply
AVM05-xtr no-reply
AVM06-xtr no-reply
AVM07-xtr no-reply
AVM08-xtr no-reply
AVM09-xtr no-reply
a1-telekom-xtr no-reply
a1-telekom2-xtr no-reply
aaronm-xtr no-reply
adittman-xtr no-reply
adwin-xtr no-reply
aflorio-cz-xtr no-reply
aflorio-it-xtr no-reply
ahugi-xtr no-reply
airmaxx-xtr no-reply
akennedy-xtr no-reply
albring-xtr no-reply
aled-xtr NMR
alex-xtr no-reply
alphawest-xtr no-reply
amit-xtr no-reply
answanso-xtr no-reply
antasson-mn NMR
antasson-us-mn NMR
antoine-xtr no-reply
apan-pxtr NMR
apan-xtr 0.35200
apnic-mr-ms NMR
apparatus-xtr no-reply
archana-xtr NMR
asellmann-xtr no-reply
asp-mn NMR
asp-mr-ms NMR
asp-n7k-xtr no-reply
asp-xtr NMR
asr1knat64-xtr no-reply
asunnetci-xtr no-reply
ataf-xtr no-reply
atea-xtr no-reply
atea2-xtr no-reply
atle-xtr no-reply
attpoc-xtr NMR
attpoc-xtr-2 NMR
avm-mn1 NMR
avm-mn2 NMR
axel-xtr no-reply
azure-xtr no-reply
bach-xtr no-reply
baci-mn NMR
bartschnet-xtr no-reply
bayer-xtr NMR
bell-ca-xtr NMR
bguldan-xtr NMR
blawall-xtr no-reply
bluethunder-xtr no-reply
bmorcinkowski-xtr no-reply
boardrunner-xtr no-reply
bwieder-xtr no-reply
byzek-xtr no-reply
c819-LTE-xtr NMR
caspary-xtr no-reply
cat6k-demo-uk no-reply
cbc-xtr NMR
cbretterhofer-xtr no-reply
cbursch-xtr no-reply
cdw-xtr no-reply
cegal-xtr no-reply
cfertig-xtr no-reply
cfwong-xtr no-reply
cglasmeyer-xtr no-reply
ch-marcel-xtr no-reply
chaney-xtr no-reply
chanu-xtr no-reply
chcoutur-xtr no-reply
chris-ge-xtr no-reply
chris-mn NMR
chris-n1-mn NMR
chris0-mn NMR
chrisgray-xtr no-reply
cht-xtr no-reply
chuljin-xtr no-reply
ciecior-xtr NMR
cisco-it-xtr-1 0.26300
cisco-it-xtr-2 0.26100
cisco-natal1-xtr no-reply
cisco-natal2-xtr no-reply
cisco-sjc-mr-ms-1 NMR
claes-xtr no-reply
clemens-xtr no-reply
cmh-xtr NMR
cmich-xtr no-reply
coldharbour-xtr no-reply
comfort-xtr no-reply
coopergeneral-xtr NMR
coudron-xtr no-reply
cpalm-xtr no-reply
crhill-xtr no-reply
crothlander-xtr no-reply
cschmidt-xtr no-reply
cstephens-xtr-1 no-reply
cybernet-xtr no-reply
dalvarez-xtr no-reply
damien-xtr no-reply
damjan-xtr no-reply
daniel-xtr-1 0.49500
daniel-xtr-2 no-reply
daniel-xtr-3 no-reply
darrel-xtr NMR
datenschleuder-xtr no-reply
dbuleza-xtr no-reply
dehrle1-xtr no-reply
dehrle2-xtr no-reply
demierre-xtr no-reply
deutsche-bank-xtr no-reply
dev252-xtr no-reply
dfett-xtr no-reply
dimensiondata-xtr no-reply
dimitris-xtr no-reply
dino-mn NMR
dino-n1-mn NMR
dino-xtr no-reply
dipesh-xtr no-reply
dipsingh-xtr no-reply
dirks-xtr no-reply
divya-xtr no-reply
djcalif-xtr no-reply
djustice-xtr no-reply
dlapiper-xtr NMR
dogscafe-xtr no-reply
donkdla-xtr NMR
dpeshev-xtr no-reply
dschulz-xtr no-reply
dstsyst-xtr NMR
dudek-xtr NMR
dustin-xtr no-reply
dzeitler-xtr no-reply
eantc-xtr no-reply
ec2test-xtr NMR
eison-xtr no-reply
elsen-xtr 0.19000
epulvino-xtr no-reply
eqx-ash-mr-ms no-reply
eqx-ash-pxtr NMR
erikbent-xtr no-reply
ermidoro-xtr no-reply
experteach-xtr no-reply
fabio-mn NMR
fabio-new-mn no-reply
facebook-xtr-1 no-reply
farhadsh-xtr no-reply
feul-xtr no-reply
fit-xtr no-reply
fitac-xtr no-reply
fnsc-xtr no-reply
force3-xtr NMR
force3a-xtr NMR
force3b-xtr NMR
fortinet-xtr NMR
francesco-xtr no-reply
frank-xtr no-reply
fraunhofer-igd-xtr no-reply
freenet-xtr no-reply
fuhge-xtr no-reply
fzahn-xtr no-reply
gar-xtr no-reply
garndt-xtr no-reply
garydla-xtr NMR
gbumgard-xtr no-reply
ge-tsg-xtr NMR
geert-xtr no-reply
gensonline-xtr no-reply
georgy-xtr NMR
gerd-cbc-xtr no-reply
gerd-xtr no-reply
gierschner-xtr no-reply
giheron-xtr no-reply
glindhart-xtr no-reply
gloudemans-xtr no-reply
gmaricau-xtr no-reply
gniederwimmer-xtr no-reply
google-xtr NMR
gorhughe-xtr NMR
goudswaard-xtr no-reply
gregg-xtr 0.28400
groff-xtr no-reply
gruber-xtr no-reply
gsanjay-xtr no-reply
gschell-xtr no-reply
gsik-xtr no-reply
gthor-xtr no-reply
gtja-xtr no-reply
gunis-xtr no-reply
haase-xtr no-reply
hagenhoff-xtr no-reply
hakkarainen-xtr no-reply
halifaxmediagroup-xtr NMR
hauschild-xtr no-reply
hawthorne-xtr NMR
hcmus-xtr no-reply
hendrickx-xtr no-reply
hgojny-xtr no-reply
hilger-xtr no-reply
hintermayr-xtr no-reply
hketele-xtr no-reply
hkoerth-xtr no-reply
hongang-xtr no-reply
hrenz-xtr no-reply
hs-fulda-xtr no-reply
hu-uasu-xtr no-reply
hubers-xtr no-reply
hughes-xtr no-reply
hulsmann-xtr no-reply
hyunsoo-xtr no-reply
ibm-gr-xtr no-reply
icann-xtr NMR
iceland-xtr no-reply
icox-xtr no-reply
ietf100-xtr no-reply
iij-mr-ms 0.45500
iname-xtr no-reply
ineteng-xtr NMR
intouch-ams-mr-ms-1 NMR
intouch-ams-mr-ms-2 NMR
intouch-dc1-xtr-1 no-reply
intouch-dc2-xtr-1 no-reply
intouch-office-xtr no-reply
intouch-pxtr-1 NMR
intouch-pxtr-2 NMR
isah-xtr no-reply
isarnet-xtr 0.22500
isc-mr-ms NMR
isc-pxtr NMR
isidor-xtr no-reply
jade-xtr no-reply
jadumars-xtr NMR
jaegook-mn NMR
jakab-xtr no-reply
jalberti-xtr no-reply
jamwheat-xtr no-reply
janog-xtr NMR
jansen-xtr no-reply
jason-xtr no-reply
jbaumann-xtr no-reply
jbert-xtr no-reply
jclayton-xtr no-reply
jcolin-xtr no-reply
jdechert-xtr no-reply
jdornauf-xtr no-reply
jearango-xtr no-reply
jemannin-xtr no-reply
jens-xtr no-reply
jerome-xtr no-reply
jesper-xtr no-reply
jessica-xtr NMR
jhennessy-xtr no-reply
jhippen-xtr NMR
jiwang-xtr no-reply
jiwang2-xtr no-reply
jjstevens-xtr no-reply
jkatolla-xtr no-reply
jkuhn-xtr no-reply
job-mn NMR
jobsnijders-home-xtr no-reply
jpcaron-xtr no-reply
jpkoegeler-xtr no-reply
jpreuss-xtr no-reply
jps-networks-xtr no-reply
jschmidle-xtr no-reply
kddi-labs-xtr no-reply
kecorbin-xtr NMR
keronet-xtr no-reply
kewisch-xtr no-reply
kleinart-xtr no-reply
kmartini-xtr no-reply
kohlstedde-xtr no-reply
korpo-tp-xtr no-reply
kozuka-xtr NMR
krunal-eu-xtr no-reply
krunal-xtr no-reply
krzbia-xtr no-reply
l3-london-mr-ms NMR
lacnic-alt NMR
layim-xtr NMR
layim2-xtr no-reply
lbromirs-xtr no-reply
leander-xtr no-reply
leon-xtr no-reply
level-it-xtr no-reply
lfiegl-xtr no-reply
lhsystems-xtr no-reply
lierop-xtr NMR
liguori-xtr no-reply
linh-xtr no-reply
lip6-fr-xtr no-reply
logicalis-xtr no-reply
lori-mn NMR
lori-xtr no-reply
lovison-xtr no-reply
lprat-xtr no-reply
lsd-xtr no-reply
lueers-xtr no-reply
luigi-xtr no-reply
lukasm-xtr no-reply
lukasm2-xtr no-reply
machilde-xtr NMR
mamin-xtr no-reply
mamouni-xtr no-reply
manhoo-xtr NMR
manishee-xtr 0.28500
manjeet-xtr NMR
marc-xtr no-reply
marcairn-xtr 0.19700
marcel-xtr no-reply
markus-xtr no-reply
martin-xtr no-reply
matsumoto-xtr no-reply
maxried-xtr no-reply
mbar-xtr no-reply
mbirkner-xtr NMR
mblokzij-mn NMR
mblokzij-pi-xtr no-reply
mblokzij-xtr no-reply
mbosecki-xtr no-reply
mcenteme-xtr no-reply
mdavids-xtr no-reply
mfey-xtr no-reply
mgliwka-xtr no-reply
mgoebel-xtr no-reply
mgrabner-xtr no-reply
mhaaksma-xtr no-reply
mharbec-mn NMR
mikea-xtr no-reply
miles-xtr-1 no-reply
miles-xtr-2 no-reply
mingchow-xtr no-reply
mironto-xtr no-reply
mitko-xtr no-reply
mklingspor-xtr no-reply
mkramoli-xtr no-reply
mluckert-xtr no-reply
mmikulenas-xtr 0.20000
mmiller-xtr no-reply
mmuller-xtr no-reply
moreas-xtr no-reply
moritz-xtr no-reply
mra4d-xtr no-reply
msales-xtr no-reply
msn-ddt no-reply
msn-xtr NMR
muabid-xtr no-reply
munich-arpt-xtr no-reply
mwhitley-xtr NMR
naasief-xtr NMR
nagoya-u-xtr no-reply
nattrav-test no-reply
nattrav-test-apnic no-reply
nattrav-test-arin no-reply
naundorf-xtr no-reply
nclark-xtr no-reply
neno-xtr no-reply
netcloud-xtr no-reply
netgaroo-xtr no-reply
netorian-xtr no-reply
ngunther-xtr no-reply
niek-xtr no-reply
niekvanderven-xtr no-reply
nikolay-xtr no-reply
nist-xtr no-reply
nmaadara-xtr no-reply
nord-west-xtr no-reply
ntt-com-xtr no-reply
ntt-xtr no-reply
nttamer-pxtr NMR
nuage-lisp-xtr no-reply
nweissbach-xtr no-reply
nyu-xtr NMR
oasis-tech-xtr no-reply
ondrej-xtr NMR
oneok-xtr no-reply
orottler-xtr no-reply
owas-xtr no-reply
panix-xtr no-reply
parna-lev-xtr no-reply
pccw-xtr no-reply
pcech-xtr no-reply
pcforce-xtr no-reply
perkov-xtr no-reply
perry-xtr NMR
pgear-xtr no-reply
pierson-xtr no-reply
planete-xtr no-reply
plixer-xtr NMR
plominski-xtr no-reply
plotnicu-xtr no-reply
pogue-xtr no-reply
polimi-xtr no-reply
posteo-xtr no-reply
quenzer-xtr no-reply
raabo-xtr no-reply
raiffeisen-hu-xtr no-reply
rajiva-xtr no-reply
rbonnell-xtr no-reply
rdchragner-xtr no-reply
rdines-xtr no-reply
reitz-xtr no-reply
rengel-xtr no-reply
renne-xtr no-reply
rfurda-xtr no-reply
rgens-mn NMR
ripe-alt-2 NMR
rjm-xtr no-reply
rjud-xtr no-reply
rkohn-xtr no-reply
rmller-xtr no-reply
rob-cdw-xtr no-reply
robert-cdw-xtr NMR
roel-xtr no-reply
rolfs-xtr no-reply
rross-mn1 NMR
rross-mn2 NMR
rross-mn3 NMR
rross-mn4 NMR
rspickers-xtr no-reply
rtajvar-xtr no-reply
rtracz-mn1 no-reply
rtracz-mn2 no-reply
runar-xtr no-reply
rymcdowe-xtr 0.19900
sacherer-xtr no-reply
salil-mn no-reply
samuel-xtr no-reply
sbethge-xtr no-reply
scalan-xtr NMR
schad-xtr no-reply
schlutter-xtr NMR
scv-xtr no-reply
scwaller-xtr NMR
sfu-bcnet-xtr no-reply
shupe-xtr no-reply
simlo-xtr no-reply
sj-pxtr NMR
sjury-xtr no-reply
skonecki-xtr no-reply
sleiweke-xtr no-reply
smadley-xtr no-reply
smirnov-xtr no-reply
smit-hague-xtr no-reply
smith-xtr NMR
smondwurf-xtr no-reply
snicholas-xtr no-reply
snoble-xtr no-reply
somogyvari-xtr no-reply
spisati-xtr no-reply
spisati-xtr-2 no-reply
srin-demo-xtr NMR
srin-xtr no-reply
srini-mn no-reply
ssturm-mn no-reply
steve-apple-xtr no-reply
stevenca-xtr no-reply
strasser-xtr no-reply
strehhuber-xtr no-reply
sukiyaki-proj-xtr no-reply
sukiyaki2-proj-xtr no-reply
sulrich-xtr no-reply
tao-networks-xtr no-reply
tao-networks2-xtr no-reply
tata-xtr no-reply
tbonitz-xtr no-reply
tdc-mr-ms NMR
tdc-pxtr NMR
tdstelecom-xtr no-reply
tellis-xtr no-reply
teridion-xtr no-reply
tetaneutral-xtr no-reply
thkernen-xtr no-reply
thoene-xtr no-reply
tietze-xtr no-reply
tivano-software-xtr no-reply
tkoch-xtr no-reply
tobi-defy no-reply
tommille-xtr no-reply
tosterbe-xtr NMR
trevlac-xtr no-reply
trieb-xtr no-reply
triple-xtr no-reply
turnerhouse-xtr no-reply
twarwick-xtr no-reply
twittenberg-xtr no-reply
tzapala-xtr no-reply
tzimmermann-xtr no-reply
uaveiro-xtr no-reply
ucla-xtr NMR
uer3-xtr no-reply
ufba-mr-ms NMR
ufba-xtr no-reply
ufrj-xtr NMR
umissouri-xtr NMR
umurcia-1-xtr no-reply
umurcia-2-xtr no-reply
umurcia-3-xtr no-reply
uni-obuda-xtr no-reply
uninett-pxtr NMR
uniroma-xtr no-reply
unitbv-xtr no-reply
upc-arin-xtr no-reply
upc-oor2-xtr no-reply
uvahs-xtr NMR
vaf-mn no-reply
vaf-mn-east no-reply
vaf-mn-eu no-reply
vaf-mn2 no-reply
vaf-mn3 no-reply
vaf-xtr-1 0.26800
vaf-xtr-2 0.27100
vaf-xtr-3 0.25400
vanlid-xtr no-reply
vhan-xtr no-reply
vl-openwrt1-xtr no-reply
vl-openwrt2-xtr no-reply
vl-openwrt3-xtr no-reply
voos-xtr no-reply
vz-niko-ch no-reply
vz-niko-de no-reply
vz-niko-ge no-reply
wason-xtr NMR
wide-xtr no-reply
wiegleb-xtr no-reply
willekens-xtr no-reply
wnellis-xtr no-reply
woellhaf-xtr no-reply
wolfgang-client-xtr no-reply
wolfgang-even-xtr no-reply
wolfgang-odd-xtr no-reply
wonken-xtr no-reply
wvanlid-xtr no-reply
wwt-xtr no-reply
x10103-xtr no-reply
ydpark-xtr no-reply
ykenu-xtr no-reply
ypark-mn no-reply
yshiin-xtr no-reply
yun-xtr no-reply
zavarce-xtr NMR
zhicheng-xtr no-reply
zilina-xtr no-reply
zilina2-xtr no-reply
zimperfeld-xtr no-reply

[1] Reachability and RTT computed by sending EMRs from lisp-beta-manage to

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